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Construction Mediation

The construction industry has always been prone to disagreements between owners and contractors. In recent years, however, lawsuits over construction contracts have grown more complicated and contentious.

No party wants to bear liability unnecessarily. As a result, it is not unusual for owners, developers, contractors and others to devise contracts and exceptions extending hundreds of pages.

Complication is a reality of today's construction climate. Attorney and mediator Terry N. Brown, through his mediation practice at Brown & Associates, simplifies complicated contractual matters for parties with a stake in disputes. He considers it his job to provide parties with the means to defuse conflicts, rather than escalate them through litigation.

Construction Dispute Attorney

As an attorney with nearly 40 years of practice experience, Terry Brown has represented plaintiffs and defendants nationwide in matters of negligence and liability both involving injuries and contract disputes. For more than two decades he has leveraged his multifaceted understanding of conflicts to help parties find common ground in disputes.

As a mediator, he identifies the core issues for each party and helps them discover ways to surmount those issues. Many disputes he has mediated have been valued in millions of dollars.

Terry Brown makes a point of working extremely hard for the parties who hire him, working as a neutral and fair mediator who listens, observes and guides clients to mutually satisfactory conclusions.

"I've been involved in construction litigation with lawyers who thought I was a trained engineer. This is because I could read construction drawings, understand what I was seeing, and comment intelligently on the nuances of the disagreement. I am a quick study, and my depth of knowledge has benefited my mediation clients, saving them money, time and distress." — Terry N. Brown, construction mediator

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Terry Brown's mediation practice provides neutral mediation services for clients across Illinois and Missouri, and throughout the United States.

For more information, contact the Illinois and Missouri construction mediation attorney at Brown & Associates, either online or by calling 314-231-4642 or 618-236-2887.

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