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Attorney Terry N. Brown is a highly experienced mediator and arbitrator. He has more than two decades of experience in mediation and nearly 40 years of experience as an attorney representing both plaintiffs and defendants.

Through his practice at Brown & Associates, Terry Brown has represented thousands of clients on both sides of personal injury lawsuits and has mediated hundreds of cases. He has a greater than 97 percent success rate in facilitating settlements.  He has often served as a presenter of Mediation Practices at CLE conferences.

Further, Mr. Brown is a respected lawyer, tenacious researcher and dedicated problem solver. He understands the important issues that each party faces, and he knows how to find common ground below a sea of competing goals and details.

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

The alternative dispute resolution services Brown & Associates offer include:

  • Personal injury mediation. Serving the interests of injured parties, grieving survivors, individual and corporate defendants, and insurance companies in neutral mediation designed to facilitate mutually beneficial settlements.
  • Contractual mediation. Providing a forum for parties in business, employment and other contract disputes to explain their positions and to discuss options for settling contract disputes.
  • Construction mediation. We understand the complicated issues involved in construction disputes. Whether you are an owner, a contractor, subcontractor or other party with a stake in a construction project, we can facilitate productive discussions designed to resolve construction disputes.
  • Arbitration employment mediation

Nearly 40 Years Of Personal Injury Experience Representing Plaintiffs And Defendants | In states throughout the country

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