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Terry N. Brown is a mediator & arbitrator for personal injury, contractual and construction issues serving clients in Illinois and Missouri & other parts of the country.

Over 40 years as an attorney, he has resolved thousands of cases through litigation and hundreds as a mediator. Today, his firm, Brown & Associates, is dedicated solely to mediation. His success rate in helping parties to resolve issues through mediation exceeds 97 percent.

Terry Brown was widely known as a top litigator who pursued creative legal strategies and did whatever was possible to benefit his clients. As a mediator, his dedication to creativity and hard work remains paramount.

While some mediators see themselves as only intermediaries between parties, Terry Brown helps both sides to articulate their goals, understand each others' positions, and find common ground so that a settlement becomes possible.

"I view this job with great passion. I don't just pass numbers back and forth. I work hard with the parties and I consider it my job to do everything within my power to bring a case to a resolution. This more than anything, is what sets me apart from other mediators." — Terry N. Brown, mediator for personal injury, contracts and construction disputes

Dual-Party And Multiparty Mediation and Arbitrator | Personal Injury, Construction And Contract Mediation Lawyer

Mr. Brown has experience mediating disputes between as few as two parties and as many as 10 parties. Why is this important?

It is important because multiparty mediations are exceedingly difficult. Few mediators have had both experience and success in multiparty mediation. Multiparty mediation frequently requires mediators to be able to absorb enormous amounts of information quickly, to have a deep understanding of various industries and areas of law, and to have exceptional stamina and persistence.

In order to better understand the parties in a dispute, Mr. Brown takes time to speak separately to each party and discuss their issues, goals and perspectives. Once Terry is confident that he has built a rapport with all of the parties and the attorneys involved, he meets with them collectively to explore options that are realistic and attainable. Often, he challenges his the parties to consider creative solutions that may not be immediately obvious.

In short, Mr. Brown works to hasten each party's ability to achieve a settlement, and to save each party money, time and inconvenience.

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