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Terry N BrownCredibility, knowledge and creativity are important traits for any person mediating a dispute.

Since 1995, attorney and mediator Terry N. Brown has displayed these traits in mediation services to clients across Missouri and Illinois as well as nationwide. He has mediated hundreds of personal injury and  business disputes across the country.

Today, Terry Brown focuses his mediation practice on personal injury, business and contractual disputes. He has a greater than 97 percent success rate in facilitating settlements.

Trusted By Plaintiffs, Defendants And Insurance Companies

Prior to his extensive mediation training, Terry Brown worked as a trial lawyer for personal injury cases involving serious injuries and complex business disputes. Since 1974, he has represented defendants and plaintiffs in serious, high-profile personal injury cases and other matters involving contracts and property.

During his career, Terry Brown has learned to navigate the complexities of the law, creatively solving problems and earning the respect of clients on both sides of the plaintiff-defendant divide.

Terry Brown's affable demeanor and penchant for absorbing complex information quickly further enable him to effectively mediate disputes between multiple parties in high-value and complex matters, including:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Toxic torts
  • Maritime accidents
  • Railroad and Federal Employers Liability Act cases (FELA)
  • Complex insurance coverage
  • Nursing home abuse and neglect
  • Product liability
  • Truck and automobile crashes
  • Contract disputes
  • Construction-related injuries and contracts
  • Business disputes

His mediation experience ranges from relatively small dollar settlements to seven figure settlements.

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To learn more about how Terry Brown can help you achieve a settlement that works for all parties, call 314-232-4642 or        618-236-2887  or email

Mr. Brown mediates and arbitrates through the entire United States of America. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, but has conducted mediations throughout Illinois, including Chicago, throughout Missouri, as well as New Orleans, Louisiana and other venues through out the country.

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